Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner, which does the functions of a sweeper, is a device that makes use of an air pump which is based on the principle of a centrifugal fan to suck out dust particles fine hairs etc from the floors, upholstery, draperies etc. to create a clean surface. The device will also comprise of a dust bag which collects all the sucked out particles and stores in it. This should be later disposed by the user. These Vacuum cleaners have found wide usage since their invention in homes, industries, hospitals, educational institutions, shopping malls etc.

Vacuum cleaners are available in different sizes and models. One has to choose the model that is appropriate for their need and suitable for their budget. Small battery powered hand held devices, Wheeled canister models, domestic central vacuum cleaners, huge stationary industrial appliances, self propelled vacuum trucks etc. are the different types of vacuum cleaners that are designed for several purposes.

Vacuum cleaners originated from manual carpet cleaners in the 20th century. Domestic Vacuum cleaners were introduced in England in the year 1905.It was considered to be an item of luxury and used by upper classes only initially. But things took a turn for the better after the world war. The device also became common among the middle classes. Vacuum cleaners gained widespread use in western countries towards the end of 20th century because in those countries with cold temperatures wall to wall carpeting is a common feature and these carpets need regular vacuuming.

The traditional method of sweeping the house with broom or mop was not considered effective enough by the manufacturers of these vacuum cleaners. In fact a quick run down by vacuum cleaner could segregate millions of dust particles and fine hairs that went unnoticed by the naked eye. A vacuum cleaner works on the principle of suction. Initially bags were inbuilt inside these vacuum cleaners. But later on, they gave way to plastic bins, which were easier to empty and clean on a regular basis.

The vacuum cleaner basically comprises of an inlet, which is mostly attached to the cleaning head. Inside the vacuum cleaner is dirt collecting bin, which can be removed and emptied after the cleaning process. The next part is the HEPA filter which is nothing but a cylinder of folded paper that is attached to the dust bin. Its main purpose is to suck the air leaving the dust in the bin. The last part is the motor which is quite powerful.